ESRL Global Systems Division

ESRL/GSD Signs CRADA for GPS-Met Development and Commercialization

ESRL's Global Systems Division has been working through the NOAA Technology Partnerships Office to enter into a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with Trimble Navigation Limited to "improve Global Positioning System/Global Navigation Satellite System (GPS/GNSS) neutral atmospheric measurements (also known as ground-based GPS-Met). ESRL GSD intends to transfer the existing NOAA GPS-Met Data Acquisition and Processing System (GPS-Met DAPS) technology to Trimble...and collaborate in joint research and development (R&D) to refine, improve, or evaluate commercial extensions of the GPS-Met technology." ESRL GSD conducted a public search for CRADA partners to assist with this collaborative R&D effort. Ideally, in addition to improving the functionality of the GPS-Met DAPS technology, this CRADA will result in the successful commercialization of the technology to the private sector. Increasing the rate of transition of lab technologies to the private sector is a stated goal of the Obama Administration under the new Lab to Market Cross Agency Priority Goal. ESRL's use of the CRADA to facilitate the transition of technologies that are not yet market ready is an excellent example for other NOAA labs to follow in the future.

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