ESRL Global Systems Division

ESRL Researchers Hold Training in Korea

On April 18 & 19, Georg Grell and Steve Peckham, CIRES researchers at ESRL's Global Systems Division, conducted a two-day training on the Weather Research and Forecast-Chemistry model (WRF-Chem) in Busan, Korea at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Climate Center.

WRF-Chem is a weather/air quality numerical prediction system that tightly couples gas-phase chemistry and aerosol processes to meteorology within the WRF model structure. Since the model includes the aerosol direct and indirect effect in addition to sophisticated microphysics packages, WRF-Chem can be used for process studies that are extremely relevant for global change predictions. WRF-Chem has a large international user base and, in addition to studying global change processes, is used to predict weather, dispersion, and air quality.

The WRF-Chem tutorial was one of several offered at the week-long 5th East Asia WRF Workshop and Tutorial which is part of a Leading Foreign Research Institute Recruitment Program through the National Research Foundation of Korea and sponsored by the Joint Center for High-impact Weather and Climate Research and the National Center for Atmospheric Research.

The WRF tutorials offer a combination of lectures and hands-on practice sessions focusing on recent WRF developments that include model numerics, physics, data assimilation, global modeling, regional climate modeling, applications to high-impact weather and climate, and real-time operations.

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