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First Science On a Sphere® Installation in the UK

Science On a Sphere® (SOS) was installed in the National Museum of Science and Industry in London during the week of November 1, making this the first installation in the United Kingdom (UK). It will be launched officially on December 4th in conjunction with the museum's new permanent climate science gallery: "Atmosphere: Exploring Climate Science." Visitors to the museum will be able to find out about the science of the climate system in an 'enjoyable, engaging and memorable way,' via interactive exhibits and a variety of displays including SOS. The new museum exhibit will explain how the climate system works, how climate has changed in the past, and the work that scientists do to improve their understanding of the climate. Visitors will also discover how scientists have predicted future changes to our climate, as well as developments in science and technology to respond to these changes.

A second SOS is in the initial planning stages for the UK. A group of leading Welsh institutions and organizations are collaborating to produce a national touring exhibition for Wales entitled "Climate Change: Opportunities for Wales" that would visit a minimum of ten locations during an 18-month period with the goal of educating and informing the people of Wales about climate change and how it will affect them and their local environment. The exhibition wants to feature Science On a Sphere® as a centerpiece for data visualization. At least 70% of school children in Wales will attend one of these exhibitions and receive a lecture on the realities of climate change and the opportunities in their area. The leading agency in this effort is The Climate Change Consortium of Wales (C3W) comprising four Welsh universities. C3W is set to considerably enhance the climate science profile of Wales by reconfiguring climate research in Wales as a recognizable center of excellence on the world stage.

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