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ESRL Research Backs Australian Innovation Award

Dr. Greg Ayers, Director of Meteorology at the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BoM), recently thanked NOAA for their support in implementing the Graphical Forecast Editor (GFE) and the associated digital database at Australia's Victoria Regional Office in Melbourne. In his letter of gratitude, Dr. Ayers explained to Dr. Jack Hayes, NOAA Assistant Administrator for Weather Services, that the BoM was presented the 2009 annual Australian Government Leadership Network Innovation Award for their implementation of the GFE. In spite of steep competition, the BoM was given the top award for "vastly improved level of service that the Bureau can provide, especially to remote regional areas that have previously received only basic service."

In his acceptance speech, Dr. Ayers gratefully acknowledged the support US colleagues in NOAA agencies gave them throughout the successful bilateral cooperation. ESRL's dedicated GFE team was among those colleagues who worked on the project since its inception in 2006. Dr. Ayers noted that BoM is in the process of extending the implementation to all parts of Australia over the next four years under the title of the Next Generation Forecast and Warning System. He stressed, "the fire agencies are particularly interested for this coming fire season."

Since the International Agreement for this technology transfer was signed on March 24, 2006, the Global Systems Division GFE team has worked to tailor this suite of graphical editing tools to BoM's needs. Tried and proven by NOAA's NWS, the GFE allows forecasters to prepare a gridded database of weather forecast elements. Those gridded elements, including temperature, clouds, winds, and precipitation, form the basis for many forecast products.

This fruitful international collaboration will certainly continue to evolve and bring new ideas into practice, strengthening the forecasting capabilities in both Australia and the U.S.

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