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Renewable Energy: Hot Topic for NOAA at AGU

ESRL scientist Betsy Weatherhead is co-chairing a panel discussion/poster session at this year's annual American Geophysical Union Meeting under the title, "Breakthroughs in Understanding and Developing Renewable Energy." Invited experts from government, academia, and the industry will represent their perspectives on wind, solar, and marine renewable energy, including discussion of priorities for new research. Presenters will include Melinda Marquis, also of NOAA's Earth System Research Laboratory, whose topic is "Solving the Meteorological Challenges of Creating a Sustainable Energy System."

With plans to begin extracting significant quantities of energy from the atmosphere-ocean-solar system comes the need to understand the availability and spatial and temporal scales of energy sources along with the impacts of commercial renewable energies on the environment.

Research on wind, solar, and hydrological forms of renewable energy is welcome at the poster session including resource assessment, forecasting, and impact analyses. Fundamental, applied, and multi-disciplinary efforts are also encouraged, as are any research efforts that relate to policy decisions, impact assessments, or economic efficiencies.

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