ESRL Global Systems Division

NOAA Games and Simulation Summit

"Science is coming to play" at the NOAA Games and Simulation Summit on January 11-12. Co-organizer, ESRL's Eric Hackathorn and virtual worlds ambassador for the federal government, aims to establish a NOAA committee during the summit to determine future direction and create a plan for effective games and simulation within the agency. An impressive host of representatives from NOAA, NASA, DOD, DOE, USDA, City of New York, Virtual Heroes, George Mason University, and Hatfield Marine Science Center will participate in panel discussions to share their successes, best practices, and evaluation methods. Justin Kenney, NOAA director of communications and external affairs, will address the summit with opening remarks.

By incorporating games and simulations into training, education, and messaging, NOAA science can reach younger and more global audiences improving environmental literacy on a new level keeping in step with emerging virtual technologies.

To get details on featured discussions and interactive sessions, visit the Conference Web site where those interested in participating should register by January 7.

Contact information
Name: Eric J Hackathorn
Tel: 303-497-6831