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ESRL Researchers Demo at National Association of Broadcasters Conference

ESRL's Global Systems Division (GSD) will have a unique presence at this year's National Association of Broadcasters Conference, taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada April 10-15. GSD researchers will demonstrate the Geo-targeted Alerting System or GTAS from the 6700 sq. ft. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) booth. Federal agencies, industry, and public affairs come together at this annual event to improve the quality and profitability of broadcasting, encourage content and technology innovation, and spotlight the important ways stations serve their communities. GTAS falls under the category of technology innovation that aims to support emergency managers as they plan for and react to airborne threats, from tornadoes and flash floods to chemical releases. DHS is coordinating with NOAA and other agencies and vendors participating to receive staged toxic plume warnings during the conference put out from GTAS demos. These will trigger various primary warning systems on the conference floor, initiating a sample warning on, for example, television emergency scrolls, emergency signals, and emergency radio messages.

GSD is working with the Air Resources Laboratory (ARL) and the Office of Response and Restoration to provide forecasters and emergency managers the ability to run a dispersion model, HySPLIT, via GTAS. Capable of modeling over 500 different types of particles, HySPLIT uses the highest resolution weather model data to more accurately and quickly assess societal impact of airborne threats. GTAS is an integration of the latest advances in toxic plume and mesoscale weather modeling into a weather/societal impact display and dissemination system tailored for NWS forecasters and state/local emergency managers.

Building on established relationships between local NWS Weather Forecast Offices and Emergency Operating Centers, NOAA provides shared situational awareness of vital data with GTAS, allowing emergency managers to quickly determine the impact of an incident and provide mitigation and response plans to the public and other emergency managers.

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