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ESRL's SOS Featured at COP15

Leaders and climate experts from around the world will be meeting in Copenhagen Denmark from December 7-18 at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP15) to address one of the world's greatest challenges: nations collectively dealing with climate change. ESRL's Science On a Sphere® will be featured throughout the two weeks by NOAA and NASA researchers and scientists who are participating in the conference. ESRL Director and SOS inventor, Dr. Alexander MacDonald, will be giving a SphereCast on the evening of December 8 that will focus on the Earth system and climate change. After the conference, the SOS will be permanently installed at the "Climate Factory" in Lolland, Denmark. An historic sugar factory built in 1872 turned futuristic center, the Climate Factory will demonstrate the use of the latest technologies concerning the environment, energy, and climate. With its large attractive halls and details, the factory and its surroundings will be the setting for Denmark's commitment to highlighting relevant causes in the fields of climate change, energy, and environment. SOS's showy technology will help attract tourists from around Europe and the world making climate change and its impact more tangible and understandable to millions.

Science On a Sphere® is growing in popularity with 41 installations worldwide. SOS enhances environmental literacy and improves understanding, value, and use of weather and water information and services with its unique visualization of complex data. Additionally, this international exchange demonstrates how NOAA can play a leadership role, with our global partners, in understanding and managing our fragile Earth system.

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