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NOAA Featured in Second Life Case Study

Linden Lab, creators of the world's leading 3D virtual world environment, has featured NOAA in a case study (.pdf) accessible through the blog section of their "Second Life" website. The English version was posted on April 28 but translations will soon be available in French, German, and Japanese.

NOAA began incorporating "Second Life" into their multi-media communication and educational programs in 2006 to reach new audiences and raise general brand awareness at home and abroad. They continue to inspire other government agencies to follow their lead. This profound new way of implementing the NOAA mission – to create an informed society that understands the role of the ocean, coasts, and atmosphere in the global ecosystem to make the best social and economic decisions – has proven to be successful. As reported by Amanda Linden of Linden Lab, "Roughly 40 percent of visitors to NOAA in Second Life reported that they hadn't heard of the organization prior to their 'Second Life' visit and 94 percent recommended that NOAA expand their virtual presence. And, the NOAA presence in 'Second Life' extends beyond the borders of 'Second Life;' over 49,000 YouTube viewers have watched NOAA's inworld tsunami demonstration."

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