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ESRL Hosts DHS-sponsored Workshop on New Concepts for Hurricane Modification

On February 6-7, ESRL's Global Systems Division hosted a Department of Homeland Security (DHS)-sponsored workshop in an effort to understand and evaluate new approaches for hurricane modification. About two dozen invited attendees from the U.S. and abroad included expert representatives ranging from the government and academia to the private sector in both meteorology and engineering.

The focus of the 1-1/2 day workshop was on the identification of viable hurricane modification hypotheses that warrant further study. The primary objectives of the workshop, within the context of the overarching goal, were to:

    1. achieve better understanding of hurricane processes, including formation, mechanics, life cycle, natural instabilities, and responses to outside dynamics and forces;
    2. understand DHS-specific concerns as to hurricane threats to life and property as caused by wind, water, waves, surge, etc.;
    3. define potential DHS-specific hurricane modification factors, requirements, and risks;
    4. define projected effort/cost/viability/time-line for hurricane modification implementation technologies; and
    5. decide how best to move forward.

The group reached a remarkable consensus of approach on three proposed hurricane modification thrusts. This will form the basis for a report to DHS, and follow-up activities to this workshop will occur during the upcoming AMS/Weather Modification Association Symposium on Weather Modification at the Westin Hotel in Westminster, April 21-25.

This workshop is partly the result of an ESRL visit last fall by DHS management in which collaboration on this project was established between NOAA scientists and their counterparts in DHS' Science and Technology Directorate.

By researching and understanding the dynamics of weather and water with the most advanced technology at hand, NOAA can improve severe storm forecasting and enhance the nation's preparedness for responding to the threats that those storms cause.

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