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NOAA Participates in Weather Modification Symposium

Scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration participated in the 17th American Meteorological Society (AMS)/Weather Modification Association (WMA) Symposium on Planned and Inadvertent Weather Modification, April 21-25, 2008, in Westminster, Colorado. The conference included a joint AMS/WMA banquet, and two special evening panels: one on new approaches to hurricane modification (Tuesday); the second on applying cloud seeding strategies to mitigate precipitation decreases predicted by some global change models (Thursday). Over 75 international researchers were registered.

There have been exciting new developments in the science and technology of planned weather modification, including seeding technology and evaluation, as well as the impacts of humans and attendant pollution on weather, since the last AMS Conference on Planned and Inadvertent Weather Modification held in 2005. With emerging technologies, there is renewed research interest in possible new and novel approaches to severe storm mitigation, including hurricanes. The conference addressed societal costs/benefits from purposeful and inadvertent weather modification, as well as other issues, through a series of invited and solicited presentations, posters, and panel discussions dealing with scientific results of past and present, operational and research programs.

On April 24, the NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory hosted conference attendees for an afternoon of tours, research presentations, and an overview of NOAA's integrated science seen on Science On a Sphere®.

With the reality of inadvertent atmospheric changes, new research and technology will provide NOAA the opportunity, challenge, and responsibility to assess and improve weather events, including severe storm forecasting, assess societal impacts caused by these events, and enhance the nation's preparedness for responding to these issues.

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