ESRL Global Systems Division

2007 OAR Outstanding Scientific Paper Award

ESRL's Global Systems Division joins Dr. Rick Spinrad, NOAA Assistant Administrator for OAR, in congratulating Seth Gutman, a co-author of one of the 2007 OAR Outstanding Scientific Papers. The award-winning paper, "Flooding on California's Russian River: Role of atmospheric rivers," was published in Geophysical Research Letters. The annual NOAA/OAR Outstanding Paper Awards recognize papers having exceptional originality, scientific significance, technological importance, longevity in value, quality of writing, and relevance to the NOAA mission.

This paper describes experimental observations collected during meteorological field studies and combines them with SSM/I satellite observations offshore to examine the role of landfalling atmospheric rivers in the creation of flooding. This study describes the impact as these atmospheric rivers strike the coast, and demonstrates that not only do they play a crucial role in the global water budget, they can also lead to heavy coastal rainfall and flooding, and thus represent a key phenomenon linking weather and climate.

Contact information
Name: Seth Gutman
Tel: 303-497-7031