ESRL Global Systems Division

GSD Supports 2007 Hydrometeorological Testbed Program

ESRL's Global Systems Division (GSD) is supporting the second field season of the Hydrometeorological Testbed-West (HMT-West) program with two major efforts.

First, we are running high-resolution models that provide participants with multiple, detailed numerical precipitation forecasts and other fields four times a day. These models run along with ensemble forecast products that provide probabilistic precipitation forecasts, at different thresholds over the test river basin and surrounding areas in real time.

Second, GSD supplies participating National Weather Service (NWS) forecast offices at Sacramento, Monterey, and Reno and the California-Nevada River Forecast Center with Advanced Linux Prototype Systems (ALPS). Forecasters can use the ALPS workstations to view the model fields, using a "data pull" technology, and MADIS-supplied observational fields such as surface mesonet observations, profilers, supplemental rawinsonde soundings, and POES soundings, as well as all the data routinely available on their AWIPS workstations. This will also provide the National Weather Service with valuable information on a "distributed database" model which could be implemented in the future.

Spearheaded by ESRL's Physical Sciences Division, the HMT is a NOAA demonstration program being conducted on the North Fork of the American River basin in California. It was designed to aid flood forecasting by accelerating the infusion of new technologies, forecast models, and scientific research results into daily operations at the NWS.

Along with supporting the day-to-day HMT field activities, these efforts expect to gain important feedback on how these forecast models, ensemble prediction methods, workstations, and advanced network and database design can better support operational meteorologists nationwide in the future. With these contributions, GSD supports NOAA's mission goal of serving society's need for improved weather and water information.

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