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Earth Day Open House at NOAA in Boulder

To commemorate Earth Day, NOAA will open its Boulder facility to the public and showcase its science with a variety of displays and interactive demos on April 20. Visitors will be invited to peruse Earth system research science being conducted there through lobby displays about air sampling, forecast modeling, weather, air pollution transport, polar research, and data operations.

Additionally, on-going demonstrations of the innovative educational tool Science On a Sphere® will be offered every half hour in the on-site "Planet Theater." Visitors can take the opportunity to witness our science in action during regular weather briefings that incorporate real-time forecasting tools designed by NOAA. There will be walk-thru tours of the National Geophysical Data Center and the National Weather Service Space Environment Center where colorful data products are displayed, viewable in 3-D, and where you can see near real-time solar activity on screen and learn about its impact on our planet.

Hands-on activities include a giant water barometer, "Wooly Magma" (create a felted Earth), "Pick the Poles" game, tree rings and their relationship to climate, and a favorite of NOAA visitors, weather balloon launches at 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. in which visitors can send off their names and "Earth Day resolutions" with the balloons.

This event will also highlight NOAA's rich history and visitors may encounter a Ben Franklin look alike who will be leading the activity "Nosey about Nature." The "History Corner" will offer information about NOAA's 200th anniversary and its connection to the International Polar Year.

To raise community awareness about NOAA's valuable contributions to understanding our Earth system and to commemorate Earth Day, the Boulder Outreach and Coordinating Council has begun a tradition of sponsoring an annual open house. Through this outreach event, NOAA Boulder will enhance environmental literacy among the public and improve their understanding of the value and use of weather and water information and services.

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