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Boulder Science Gets Creative

NOAA in Boulder was approached by the EcoArts Council of Boulder, Colorado to join them in their effort to assemble a diverse array of artists, scientists, environmentalists, and others to create and participate in unique programs that will inspire, educate, and empower everyone on specific issues surrounding the planet. NOAA responded positively. Dr. Joseph Golden, a senior CIRES research scientist of ESRL's Global Systems Division, will team with the Colorado Shakespeare Festival (CSF) and others to speak at two EcoArts events this summer relating to storms and climate change. On Thursday, July 6, before the opening of the CSF's theater production of Shakespeare's The Tempest, Dr. Golden will participate in the Director Series at which he and The Tempest director Patrick Kelly will discuss the production and science helping to explain Shakespeare's tempest. On July 7, he will join University of Colorado at Denver's Howie Movshovitz, NCAR scientist Mickey Glantz, and Denver Museum of Nature and Science astrobiologist David Grinspoon for a panel discussion "The Climate and Hollywood: Global Climate Change in Science and Film." These experts will show film clips in a seriously fun discussion about science and climate change.

Additionally, Dr. Alexander E. "Sandy" MacDonald, Acting Director of the Earth System Research Laboratory, will talk on climate change at the Colorado Music Festival's "Talks Under the Tent." This event, scheduled to precede the evening's concert and multimedia show Sun Rings performed by the Kronos Quartet, will take place on July 11.

This unusual collaboration with EcoArts will highlight both first-class, solid art and science.

EcoArts is a not-for-profit event that has assembled an amazing array of talent for ten days to address the specific environmental challenges that face us today. This new cultural model provides a unique perspective on those challenges by bringing together scientists, environmentalists, performing and visual artists – along with spiritual leaders, educators, politicians, businessmen and women, and people from all walks of life – investigate and celebrate the possibilities of a sustainable future.

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