ESRL Global Systems Division

ESRL/GSD's Graphical Hazards Generator Supports NWS Forecasters

As of November 1, 2005, NWS forecasters issue weather warnings and advisories using the Graphical Hazards Generator (GHG) developed by GSD. This tool inserts Valid Time and Event Code (VTEC) information into a wide variety of forecasts and warnings. The GHG is an extension of the AWIPS Graphical Forecast Editor which is used by NWS forecasters to create a digital database of the forecast. The GHG was developed by working closely with NWS forecasters. As a result they can track weather hazards easily and intuitively during active weather events and automatically communicate that information to the media and public. One forecaster who has been using the GHG reports:

The product composition aspect of active weather used to be a big, dramatic ordeal...Stress levels ran high, sweat beaded on foreheads, and profanities were uttered...Now, it is rare to even know that a hazard product has been issued unless the forecaster tells you or you happen to be in the operations area. Before, there were debriefings after a shift as to what went wrong.... Now, there is just the mention that a hazard product is in effect, but no need to explain how it was issued. No confused calls from the local media. No extensive job sheets to complete simple tasks.

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