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FX-Net Weather Forecasting System Used for the 2004 Air Pollution Field Study

FX-Net was the primary weather forecasting system used for the collaborative New England Air Quality Study-Intercontinental Transport and Chemical Transformation (NEAQS-ITCT) 2004 conducted this summer. NOAA, NASA, and university participants in this experiment are a part of the International Consortium for Atmospheric Research on Transport and Transformation (ICARTT). The study focused on air quality along the Eastern Seaboard and transport of North American emissions into the North Atlantic. Major NOAA assets, including two aircraft and the NOAA vessel Ronald H. Brown, were deployed.

The FX-Net program at the Forecast Systems Laboratory was established to develop a network-based meteorological workstation that provides access to basic display capability of an AWIPS workstation via the Internet. FX-Net provided the operations center of the NEAQS-ITCT with NWS weather forecast models, atmospheric observations, and operational and experimental air quality observations. The system supported deployment and flight track scheduling of the aircraft and the positioning of the ship during optimal observing situations. The system was also used to evaluate the experimental WRF/Chem forecast model.
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