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NOAA's Science On a Sphere™ Centerpiece at G-8 Summit

NOAA was invited to exhibit its exciting new theater technology, Science On a Sphere™, at the Sea Island G-8 Summit to emphasize to the world press the global nature of the problems addressed at this venue. In addition, NOAA broadcast a press conference on Global Ocean Day from the site of the Titanic, hosted by undersea explorer Dr. Robert Ballard. Both of these events were designed to show the world press the efforts by the United States to provide stewardship and understanding of the common atmosphere and oceans we share.

Science On a Sphere™, created and developed at the Forecast Systems Laboratory, is a multimedia system for communicating NOAA's science to the public and fostering science education in the schools. It uses high-speed computers, projectors, and advanced imaging techniques to create, for example, the illusion of a planet, the sun, moon or any other celestial body in space. Demonstrations of the system started when the media center opened June 4, and continued through June 10, the last day of the G-8 Summit.

The display of Science On a Sphere™ dominated the press center. Almost every major news organization at the Summit devoted significant airtime or column space to this new and innovative display. Science On a Sphere™ inventor FSL director Dr. Alexander MacDonald and other NOAA team members, Will von Dauster, Michael Biere, and Rhonda Lange, were available for interviews and demonstrations. They were interviewed on and off camera by local, national, and international reporters, and broadcast on TV stations such as BBC TV, Italian TV, and Al Jazeera Satellite TV.

These demonstrations allowed NOAA to showcase its technology, applications, and global partnerships to a worldwide media audience. The positive reaction from the press undoubtedly contributed to the success of the G-8 Summit.

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