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NWS-FSL Team Awarded NOAA Bronze Medal for Superior Federal Service

On December 2, Darien Davis, Herb Grote, and Mike Romberg of FSL received the NOAA Bronze Medal at a ceremony in Washington, D.C. Along with six collaborators from NWS Headquarters - James Williams, Franz Zichy, Charles Piercy, Mary Buckingham, Timothy Hopkins, and Deirdre Jones, this team is recognized for developing and deploying the national AWIPS Linux Migration Project.

FSL and NWS have worked closely for a decade, first to develop and implement the AWIPS system, an integral part of the NWS modernization, and now to ensure that this system remains responsive to operational needs. Recognizing the potential cost savings and performance benefits that could be gained by porting AWIPS to Linux, FSL initiated an effort in 1998 to convert portions of the AWIPS code. A year later, FSL successfully ported the workstation component of AWIPS to Linux, and began coordinating with the NWS to evaluate the system in a limited number of field offices. The success of the initial operational test led to nationwide implementation of the Linux workstation and gradual migration of other AWIPS components to Linux platforms. The AWIPS Linux migration has saved taxpayers money because maintenance costs have been significantly reduced. Also, productivity in operations has improved because AWIPS has greater flexibility in acquiring and displaying data, and the timeliness of weather warnings has improved by nearly two minutes.

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