ESRL Global Systems Division

2004 FSL Web Awards

Susan Sahm and Kirk Holub

Most Improved Site
GPS-Met Web Site

Most obviously, the GPS-Met Web site was redesigned with an improved look and feel mimicking the new FSL Web design. New capabilities were added like comparisons of different weather prediction models, and satellite data and animations were added. The content of the site was also reorganized to help users find information more easily.

Scott Stierle and Leon Benjamin

Best Product
Profiler Web Site

The Profiler Web site has been proven to be highly useful since becoming operational particularly in its support of the Cooperative Agency Profilers (CAP). In addition to the 35 site profiler network, data from over 100 CAP sites are acquired and presented on the Web every hour greatly reducing work for the CAP operators and providing easy distribution of data to the National Weather Service, NCEP, the Storm Prediction Center, and others via GTS.

Kevin Brudage

Best Web Tool
PIG Script

PIG is a script written in python for the RUC Web page to generate common products and tables with links for the 8 different versions of the RUC and WRF models. These products get a huge number of requests daily. It is also more robust and manageable.

Jennifer Valdez

Best New Site
RDHPCS (Research and Development High Performance Computing System)

This Web site supports the procurement of the multi-million dollar NOAA-wide supercomputers for research and development. The Web site acts as the main communication portal between potential vendors and the NOAA procurement team.