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NOAA's Science On a Sphere to be Exhibited at the G8 Summit

NOAA's Science On a Sphere (SOS) has been invited to exhibit at the G8 Summit, June 8-10 on Sea Island, Georgia. SOS will be a key exhibit at the Savannah International Trade and Convention Center, which will be the nerve center for the international media, with several thousand print and broadcast reporters expected to attend.

Invented and developed by Sandy MacDonald, Director of the Forecast Systems Laboratory (FSL) in Boulder, Colorado, Science On a Sphere is a revolutionary system for communicating NOAA's science to the public, fostering science education, and aiding scientific visualization. The system presents a three-dimensional representation of the Earth's global features as if they are viewed from space. A bank of computers coupled with video projectors display animated geophysical and atmospheric information onto a large, opaque sphere. The audience enters a darkened display area and can move freely around the vibrant, floating "Earth" and listen to a narrative describing, for example, how the warm water that signals an El Niño travels across the Pacific ocean. The sphere can display unlimited scientific datasets, such as imagery of the Sun, moon, other planets, weather events, ocean currents, and population growth over centuries. Science On a Sphere offers an innovative approach toward improving science education, with its dramatic visualization of complex information in an understandable form. It is a unique instrument for teaching science, math, and geography, and is also a handy scientific tool for translating numerical information into visual images.

Exhibiting Science On a Sphere at August 7, 2009 pectrum of scientific expertise to support environmental education for the public. This presentation will allow NOAA to showcase its technology, applications, and global partnerships to a worldwide media audience.

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