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FSL Supports Colorado Students in National Ocean Science Bowl Competitions

FSL personnel volunteered at the 6th Annual Regional National Ocean Science Bowl (NOSB) at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado (CU-Boulder). The event was organized and hosted by the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES) at CU-Boulder. Volunteers participated as moderators, science judges, rules judges, scorekeepers, and timekeepers. Of the 24 national regions to participate, only this one is completely landlocked.

High schools from Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, and Wyoming were invited to attend, and 14 schools registered and fielded 22 teams for the event. The students from Ignacio High School, the Navaho Tribal School near Durango, Colorado, and Moffat High School in Moffat, Colorado, were unable to attend due to inclement weather, an impassable pass. Next year's NOSB event will be expanded to include Utah and Montana.

The teams were challenged on their knowledge of physical and chemical oceanography, marine geology, technology, biology, and social sciences. Competitors from Poudre High School (Team 1), Fort Collins, Colorado, won the event by beating Boulder High School (Team 2) in the final round. Next the winners will compete at the national level NOSB competition, which will be held in La Jolla, California, April 26-28.

Gifts were donated by NOAA, Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Ocean Journey, CU-Boulder Bookstore, and other local merchants such as Scuba Joe. The winning team will receive a scholarship from the Sea Education Association (SEA) for a cruise on an ocean research vessel for hands-on experience.

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