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CIRES Center for Science and Technology Policy Research

The University of Colorado formally approved CIRES Center for Science and Technology Policy Research (CSTPR) August 26, 2002. The Center, directed by Roger Pielke, Jr., is designed to provide a wider outlook and promote synergy between research and decision making.

With a focus at the intersection of science and policy, the Center focuses on outreach, teaching and research in areas related to prediction and decision making, science and technology policy and assessment, and integrative earth sciences.

CSTPR Projects include the Atmospheric Sciences Policy Education and Network (ASPEN) Program dedicated to weather policy research, education, and outreach, and the Western Water Assessment, which focuses on water resource management decision-making processes in the Interior West, and Carbon Cycle Science and Policy.

Additionally, the Center hosts Global Climate Change and Society, a program sponsored by the National Science Foundation and led by the Center's Robert Frodeman, in which undergraduates from around the country and from a variety of fields gather in Boulder for eight weeks each summer to learn and research the use and limits of scientific knowledge for the resolution of societal problems.

The Center also places graduate students in internships with decision makers in private settings such as the reinsurance industry. Research opportunities with the Center are available for undergraduate and graduate students, and collaboration with faculty members from all departments is encouraged. The Center has a close relationship with the University's new Graduate Program in Environmental Studies, for which Pielke also serves as Director of Graduate Studies.

October 10 - 11 the Center will host a Symposium, "Science, Technology and Security: Knowledge for the Post- 9/11 World." The meeting will bring national and local experts together to discuss topics such as computer security, bioterrorism, water security, support for homeland defense and emergency management. See: for more information.

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