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FAA Announces Winners of the 2002 Excellence in Aviation Award

The Forecast Systems Laboratory is one of several laboratories and universities supporting the FAA's Aviation Weather Research Program that were named winners of this year's Excellence in Aviation Award.

The Excellence in Aviation designation is a highly competitive award presented each year to individuals and/or institutions that show how their past research benefits the aviation community today. Through this award, the FAA formally recognizes significant accomplishments as a result of aviation-related research efforts. This special distinction gives the FAA an opportunity to recognize superior research efforts and to highlight the benefits of such activities.

"Inclement weather is responsible for 69 percent of flight delays and approximately 30 percent of fatal accidents," said Charlie Keegan, FAA's associate administrator for Research and Acquisitions. "The laboratories supporting our weather research program are providing critical safety enhancements by developing tools to generate more accurate and accessible weather observations, warnings and forecasts."

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