2002 FSL Web Award Winners Announced

The W4G is pleased to announce the winners of the FSL Web Awards! These are high-quality sites well-deserving of special recognition.

Best Appearance:

Ali Zimmerman and Maureen Murray - International Division Web Site: http://www-id.fsl.noaa.gov/

Best New Site:

Lisa Gifford - ADDS PIREP Applet: http://adds.aviationweather.noaa.gov/projects/adds/pireps/java/

Best Product:

Beth Sigren - RTVS: http://www-ad.fsl.noaa.gov/fvb/rtvs

Best Internal Use:

Phyllis Gunn - A&R Intranet Page: http://p7xxc.fsl.noaa.gov/ar_web/ar_intranet.html

Most Improved:

Robert Sears - ITS Network Group: http://network.fsl.noaa.gov/

Contact information
Name: World Wide Working Group