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Dedication of Weather Center at Plymouth State College

On Monday, January 8, Senator Judd Gregg dedicated the New England Weather Technology Evaluation Center (NEWTEC) at Plymouth State College.

NEWTEC is run by the College's meteorology program and is a test center for new instruments and computer programs developed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). It has been established as a result of a $500,000 federal grant from NOAA.

The real-time meteorological workstation at the NEWTEC is an FX-Net system developed at the Forecast Systems Laboratory. FX-Net is a meteorological PC workstation that provides access to the basic display capability of an AWIPS workstation via the Internet. The AWIPS workstation user interface is emulated very closely. Bandwidth limitations are addressed by using new data compression techniques along with multithreaded client-side processing and communication. It was developed to be an inexpensive and simple forecast workstation system. It will be used in a variety of forecast, training, education and research applications where the full capabilities of a WFO-Advanced type system are not required.

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