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13 Dec 07
SOS is the Centerpiece of the New Ocean Explorium Exhibit

The 18th Science On a Sphere® (SOS) was installed at the Ocean Explorium in New Bedford, Massachusetts, the week of December 3.

10 Dec 07
NOAA Scientist Hosts Round Table Discussion at AGU on UAS in the Arctic

ESRL's Dr. Betsy Weatherhead is hosting a meeting at the AGU annual Fall Meeting to discuss the recent development and future plans for UAS in the Arctic.

28 Nov 07
Higher-resolution RUC available to NOAAPort and NOAA Family of Service users

Starting December 4, 13-km resolution grids from the Rapid Update Cycle (RUC) model will be available to all NOAA/NWS data users. This model, developed at ESRL/GSD, is initialized at a one-hour frequency, the highest of any of NCEP's forecast models.

30 Oct 07
Aviation Technology Successfully Transferred

Aviation-specific displays will soon be available to forecasters in the NWS' Center Weather Service Units to assist in aviation forecasting and briefings to the FAA's Traffic Management Units.

NOAA-Developed Technology Used to Assist Firefighters of California Wildfires
FX-Net, a field-deployable meteorological workstation developed at GSD, is being used by NWS Incident Meteorologists (IMETs) deployed to the devastating wildfires in California.

17 Oct 07
2007 OAR Outstanding Scientific Paper Award

GSD's Seth Gutman is a co-author on one of the 2007 OAR Outstanding Scientific Papers, which describes the impact as atmospheric rivers strike the coast, bringing heavy rainfall and flooding.

5 Oct 07
New GSD-managed Computer Room Recognized by Silver Hard Hat Award

Colorado Construction magazine has named DSRC's new computer room its "Outstanding Mechanical/Electrical Project" of 2007.

18 Sep 07
GSD Warning Innovations Implemented October 1

The technology driving the new National Weather Service storm-based warnings system was developed by GSD.

20 Aug 07
Science On a Sphere® Awarded Registered Trademark

Some three years after submitting the application, ESRL's Global Systems Division received an official certificate of registration dated July 31, 2007 for the trademark Science On a Sphere.

3 Aug 07
ESRL Hosts ISETCSC Students

Several students and faculty from North Carolina A&T University and the University of Alaska Southeast will visit GSD to collaborate on developing a flexible way to access and manipulate University of Alaska Southeast sensor data.

1 Aug 07
NOAA Leads International Efforts to Use Unmanned Systems for Earth Systems Science

Scientists from ESRL and other NOAA line offices are leading a Town Hall meeting at the largest-of-its-kind conference on unmanned observing systems August 6-9 in Washington D.C.

19 Jul 07
ESRL Hosts WRF Executive Oversight Board Meeting

ESRL/GSD is hosting the next Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) Executive Oversight Board meeting at the NOAA Boulder Labs on July 31, 2007.

2 Jul 07
MADIS Meeting Weather Solutions with Business in Mind

ESRL/GSD MADIS staff met with a representative of DTN/Meteorlogix, a major business weather solutions provider with over 20000 customers in various markets. DTN/Meteorologix is interested in continuing and expanding its use of MADIS data for its customers.

5 Jun 07
ESRL Represented at UVS International 2007

GSD's Sara Summers and Betsy Weatherhead participated in UVS International 2007, Europe's annual conference and exhibition for Unmanned Aircraft Systems.

10 May 07
ESRL Operates Two Most Popular Stations for CORS Usage

Two of ESRL/GSD's GPS-Met sites provided nearly 14000 datasets to users of National Geodetic Survey's Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS) network in 2006. These sites are used for precise 3-dimensional positioning information needed by surveyors, GIS professionals, and others.

Queen Elizabeth Views Science On a Sphere™
NASA presenters gave a very special NOAA Science On a Sphere™ (SOS) demonstration to HM Elizabeth II, Queen of England and her husband, HRH Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh, and other members of the Royal Family on Tuesday, May 8.

30 Apr 07
Decision Aid Tool Helps Fort Worth Center Weather Service Unit Recommend Action

Tactical Decision Aids developed by GSD's Aviation Branch provide needed and useful information for the safety of air travelers in the Dallas/Fort Worth region.

11 Apr 07
Earth Day Open House at NOAA in Boulder

To commemorate Earth Day and highlight NOAA's 200-year history, NOAA will open its Boulder facility to the public and showcase its science with a variety of displays and interactive demos on April 20.

2 Apr 07
New Publication Supports IPY

A new paper coauthored by ESRL scientists provides support to International Polar Year studies of arctic water vapor variability.

23 Mar 07
FX-Net Project Researchers Honored

FX-Net manager, Sher Schranz, and lead developer, Jebb Stewart, were recognized by the National Weather Service for "innovative development and maintenance of critical software" for NWS Incident Meteorologists.

23 Feb 07
Real Improvements in Real-Time Positioning in California

The California Spatial Reference Center (CSRC) at Scripps Institution of Oceanography recently started using NOAATrop, developed by GSD, for real-time engineering applications in southern California.

20 Feb 07
GSD Science used in Education Program in the Arctic

GSD is pleased to be contributing to a pipeline of progressive K-12 instruction about Arctic weather and climate for elementary- to high-school-aged students in the Bering Straits School District.

15 Feb 07
GSD Supports 2007 Hydrometeorological Testbed Program

GSD is running high-resolution models and providing workstations on which to view these and other weather data in support of the second field season of the Hydrometeorological Testbed-West (HMT-West) program.

6 Feb 07
Bronze Medal Recipients

GSD staff members Steve Ennis, Michael Kraus, Mark Mathewson, Greg Pratt, Lynn Sherretz, and Sara Summers are all recipients of 2006 bronze medals from the Department of Commerce.

29 Jan 07
Texas Forecast Decision Makers Use ESRL's Tactical Decision Aid Products

GSD-developed Tactical Decision Aid software assisted air traffic controllers in forecasting and monitoring a major convective weather event in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

10 Jan 07
Science On a Sphere® at the 'Imiloa Astronomy Center of Hawai'i

The new 'Imiloa Astronomy Center of Hawai'i now features a Science On a Sphere® that was installed in November.

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