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29 Dec 03
MADIS Assists the Linked Environments for Atmospheric Discovery (LEAD) Project

In addition to the previous forms of data access to the MADIS database via ftp and LDM, FSL is now making MADIS data available via OPeNDAP servers.

12 Dec 03
2003 FSL Web Awards

FSL members are honored for their outstanding work in FSL Web products.

1 Dec 03
CWOP Supplies Weather Data for California Wildfire Situation
The Citizen Weather Observer Program (CWOP) supplied a significant amount of the surface weather data that National Weather Service (NWS) forecasters could access on their AWIPS workstations during the recent wildfires in southern California.

7 Nov 03
CWOP Supplies Weather Data for California Wildfire Situation

Significant portions of the weather observations available to NWS forecasters during the recent Southern California wildfires were supplied by citizen weather stations, relayed through FSL.

4 Nov 03
FX-Net Serves as 'Backbone' of Fire Weather Operations

A key component of the NWS support for firefighting operations is FSL's FX-Net weather display system.

31 Oct 03
FSL Highlighted in the NOAA Magazine

The October, 2003 issue of the NOAA Magazine describes FSL and its projects in detail.

27 Oct 03
Joanne Edwards Receives Certificate of Recognition

Joanne Edwards received a certificate of recognition as a "Woman of Achievement" at the Women of Color Research Sciences and Technology Awards Conference in Nashville, Tennessee.

24 Oct 03
GFESuite Team 2003 Bronze Medal Ceremony

The four members of FSL's GFESuite Team, Mark Mathewson, Tom LeFebvre, Tracy Hansen, and Mike Romberg, were recipients of one of the 2003 Bronze Medal awards.

NOAA Team Member of the Month Award Ceremony
Leon Benjamin, Programmer Analyst III with the Demonstration Division, received recognition as the NOAA Team Member of the Month for May 2003.

21 Oct 03
Jim Holitza Receives Department of Commerce Silver Medal

Jim Holitza, recently retired Director for Administration and Research at FSL, has been honored with a Silver Medal for his work with the procurement and implementation of the FSL High Performance Computing System.

20 Oct 03
Sandy MacDonald Finalist for 2003 Tech Museum Award

Sandy MacDonald was one of five finalists for the NASDAQ Stock Market Educational Award, one of the categories of the Tech Museum Awards, for his brainchild, Science on a Sphere™.

16 Oct 03
Doppler Lidar Observations Improve Regional Forecasts

Regional observing system simulation experiments (OSSEs) have shown that space-based Doppler lidar wind profiling observations should improve short-range numerical weather forecasts.

Scatterometer Winds on AWIPS Enhance Marine Forecasting
Ocean surface winds produced by satellite-based microwave radar scatterometers provide valuable assistance to marine forecasters.

NOAA Profiler Network Tests Low-Cost Satellite Communications
FSL is testing low-cost two-way satellite communications for the NOAA Profiler Network (NPN) remote site data acquisition and system control.

15 Oct 03
NOAA Science Day

150 eighth graders from various schools in the Boulder Valley School District visited the DSRC on Wednesday, October 15. FSLers involved included Tom LeFebvre with a severe weather presentation, and Tom Schlatter, Will von Dauster, Rhonda Lange, Kirk Holub, and Ed Szoke with seven SOS™ demonstrations.

3 Oct 03
An FSL and CWOP Collaboration Increases Weather Observations for NOAA

Citizen Weather Observation Program (CWOP) data are now being distributed to nearly 70 National Weather Service offices across the country.

25 Aug 03
Reliable NOAA Profiler Network Data Attributed to Well-Trained El Techs

The Profiler Program Office in Boulder, Colorado has conducted training for National Weather Service (NWS) Electronic Technicians (El Techs) every year since the NOAA Profiler Network became operational in 1988. NWS El Techs helped keep the wind profiler data availability average at 95%, often higher, during 2002.

11 Aug 03
The Cooperative Agency Profiler (CAP) Network Reaches 90 Profilers

The CAP network started in 1996. Forty agencies and 90 profilers later it is truly bridging profiler resources between research and operations, and between different meteorological disciplines.

9 May 03
GAINS Instrumentation Tested
A recent GAINS test successfully exercised the superpressure pump at an altitude of 50,000 ft over Colorado.

Satellite Imagery Restored in Time for the Typhoon Season
FSL scientists have recently helped Taiwan's Central Weather Bureau implement a system to collect data from GOES 9, which is providing weather images over the Western Pacific until Japan can launch a replacement for GMS 5.

30 Apr 03
Doppler Lidar Observations Improve Regional Forecasts
Working with other research institutions, FSL has completed a series of regional observing system simulation experiments (OSSEs) designed to test the potential impact of a space-based Doppler lidar wind profiling system on regional-scale numerical weather predictions using the Rapid Update Cycle (RUC) assimilation and forecast system.

1 Apr 03
Spengler Award to Brent Shaw
Major (Res) Brent Shaw, a CIRA Research Associate, was presented with the Spengler Award for the Most Outstanding Air Force Weather Individual Mobilization Augmentee (IMA) during his most recent active duty tour with the Air Force Weather Agency at Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha, NE.

27 Mar 03
FSL Supports Colorado Students in National Ocean Science Bowl Competitions
FSL staff members volunteered at the 6th Annual Regional National Ocean Science Bowl (NOSB) competition held recently in Boulder.

20 Feb 03
NOAA Science On a Sphere™ Featured Attraction at AMS
Approximately 2000 attendees took the time to see the half-hour presentations by NOAA scientists who explained the NOAA satellite and model imagery displayed on the sphere.

4 Feb 03
Profiler Data Supports NASA in Shuttle Columbia Investigation |
NOAA Tracks Columbia's Breakup | NOAA Profiler Helps NASA with Columbia Tragedy Analysis
The NOAA Profiler Network is helping investigators track the shuttle's path as it disintegrated.

3 Feb 03
Citizen Weather Observer Program
During the recent cold air outbreak in the eastern part of the country, data from the Citizen Weather Observer Program (CWOP) were put to good use at the National Weather Service (NWS) office in Melbourne, Florida.

3 Feb 03
IFPS Workshop in Boulder
The National Weather Service Western Region Headquarters and FSL cohosted the first IFPS (Integrated Forecast Preparation System) Methodology Workshop at FSL on January 14–16, 2003.

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