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26 Dec 02
NOAA Research Supercomputer Now the 8th Fastest Supercomputer in the World
A NOAA weather and climate research supercomputer, located in Boulder, Colo., advanced into the top 10 supercomputers in the world and was ranked as the eighth fastest supercomputer by

10 Dec 02
2002 FSL Web Award Winners Announced

The W4G is pleased to announce the winners of the FSL Web Awards! These are high-quality sites well-deserving of special recognition.

20 Nov 02
FSL Brings Science on a Sphere to Broomfield Heights Middle School

Over the past year, NOAA's Forecast Systems Laboratory (FSL) in Boulder, Colorado, has developed Science on a Sphere, an educational program that projects images from environmental satellites, output from computer models of the atmosphere, and data on land-surface and ocean-bottom topography onto a large, suspended sphere.

02 Nov 02
FAA Announces Winners of the 2002 Excellence in Aviation Award
The Forecast Systems Laboratory is one of several laboratories and universities supporting the FAA's Aviation Weather Research Program that were named winners of this year's Excellence in Aviation Award.

09 Oct 02
Successful Maiden Flight for the GAINS P-3 Balloon

Execution of a major milestone in the development of the Global Air-ocean In-Situ System (GAINS) brought the concept one step closer to fruition.

27 Sep 02
States Contribute Data to NOAA GPS-MET Demonstration Network
GPS continuously operating reference stations (CORS) belonging to the Departments of Transportation in Alaska, Colorado, Florida, Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina, and Texas are now providing GPS data to the Forecast Systems Laboratory for use in atmospheric research.

9 Sep 02
New Ledbetter, Texas Profiler Added to NOAA's Profiler Network
To help improve prediction of the sometimes seemingly unpredictable weather in Texas, a new profiler has been installed near Ledbetter, Texas.

4 Sep 02
New Product for the Aviation Traffic Management System
FSL has developed a Northern Hemisphere Winds Aloft (NHWA) and Jet Stream product to run in real time on the FSL developed Aviation Weather Network (AWN) system.

3 Sep 02
CIRES Center for Science and Technology Policy Research
University of Colorado approves CIRES Center for Science and Technology Policy Research and symposium announced.

27 Aug 02
NOAA Wind Profiler Network Comes to Austin (NOAA 2002-110)
The newest wind profiler system of FSL is now scanning the skies near Austin, Texas. Located on a site provided by the Austin-based Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA), the new wind profiler is the 35th system in the NOAA Profiler Network.

19 Aug 02
MADIS assists the National Weather Service with Homeland Security
FSL is assisting the National Weather Service in the Homeland Security efforts by providing a link between the AWS data and NWS.

21 Jun 02
Moisture transport by the low-level jet
As part of the International H2O Project (IHOP), FSL scientists are studying the transport of water vapor over the central United States by the low-level jet.

20 Jun 02
FX-Net supports fire weather forecasting
FX-Net is being used by fire weather forecasters at the National Interagency Fire Center and its regional centers, and experimentally by NWS Western Region Incident Meteorologists.

28 May 02
New Weather Prediction Model to Improve Aviation and Severe Weather Forecasts (NOAA 2002-067)
A higher-resolution version of the FSL-developed Rapid Update Cycle model called the RUC20 has been implemented at the NWS National Centers for Environmental Prediction.

16 May 02
Citizen observer stations provide vital tornado observations
During the recent tornado outbreak in Maryland, citizen weather stations provided the best near-storm observations available.

Ten years of Profiler success
The National Profiler Network began full operations on 18 May 1992. A celebration of the network's tenth anniversary was held in Boulder on 16 May.

6 May 02
Forecast of big snow in Alaska assisted by NPN Profilers
Data from profilers at Glenallen and Talkeetna recently helped NWS forecasters monitor and forecast the intensity and end of the record-setting March snow in the Anchorage area.

30 Apr 02
MSAS in AWIPS Build 5.2.2
FSL developed the Mesocale Analysis and Prediction System (MAPS) Surface Assimilation System (MSAS) for implementation on the Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System (AWIPS) installed at each NWS Forecast Office.

15 Apr 02
GPSMet network on the move?
Several stations of FSL's GPSMet network have contributed to a USGS study of crustal motions in the Mississippi Valley.

22 Mar 02
GPS Met demonstration network half finished
Recently, the 100th station was added to the growing GPS Met demonstration network.

14 Mar 02
FSL supports the NOAA/NOS Great Lakes Partnership Program
FSL weather sensors are helping to monitor Great Lakes water levels, which affect wetland habitats, coastal development, commercial shipping, and recreation.

8 Feb 02
FX-Net provides weather support for 2002 Winter Olympics
A weather display system developed at FSL is providing on-site weather forecasting support at five outdoor venues for the Salt Lake City Olympic Games.

7 Feb 02
Good show for FSL at the 2002 AMS Annual Meeting
At the 2002 AMS Annual Meeting in Orlando, FSL staff presented papers and demonstrated technology of interest to weather forecasters, scientists, and educators.

14 Jan 02
An Olympic First: Partners Provide Weather Support for Games (NOAA 2002-004)
FSL's PC-based weather display system, FX-Net, will be used for field support of the Salt Lake City Olympic Games.

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