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Archive Awards (prior to 2005)

2004 Awards

Department of Commerce Bronze Medal

The Staff of GSD was recognized with the DoC Bronze Medal for developing and nationally deploying the AWIPS Linux Migration Project thereby reducing hardware, maintenance, and operations costs and improving warning lead times by nearly two minutes.

NOAA Bronze Medal

A NOAA Bronze Medal was awarded to Herb Grote, Darien Davis, and Mike Romberg for "developing and nationally deploying the AWIPS Linux Migration Project thereby reducing hardware, maintenance, and operations costs and improving warning lead times by nearly two minutes."

NOAA Research Employee of the Year

Nita Fullerton received the NOAA Research Employee of the Year as a member of a team recognized for "communicating information about FSL’s scientific research and technology transfer to the public, academia, and research communities."

National Weather Service Aviation Meteorology Award

Greg Pratt, Dennis Rodgers, Jim Frimel, Lisa Gifford, and Young Chun were recognized for Excellence in Aviation Product Development and their exceptional sustained efforts to develop and implement operational enhancements for aviation services.

Postdoctoral Poster Symposium Award

Stephen Weygandt was recognized for his outstanding presentation at the First Annual Postdoctoral Poster Symposium, June 24, 2004, in Boulder, CO. This symposium was part of the 2004 celebration of the Boulder Laboratories 50th Anniversary.

2003 Awards

Department of Commerce Silver Medal

Jim Holitza received the DoC Silver Medal for extraordinary and distinguished leadership in the development, procurement, and implementation of a radically new supercomputer architecture at NOAA’s Forecast Systems Laboratory (FSL).

Department of Commerce Bronze Medal

The GFESuite Team, Mark Mathewson, Tom LeFebvre, Tracy Hansen, and Mike Romberg were awarded the DoC Bronze Medal for "leadership in creating software to allow all Weather Service offices to generate high-resolution, digital and graphical forecasts in real-time operations."

NOAA Team Member of the Month

The 2003 NOAA Team Member of the Month was given to Leon Benjamin for "excellence in support of the National Profiler Network."

NOAA Tech Award

Dan Shaffer received the NOAA Tech Award for "Prototype of a NOAA Computational Grid."

Woman of Achievement Award

USBE and Information Technology, Hispanic Engineer and Information Technology, and Women of Color Conference Magazine–sponsored "Woman of Achievement" Award to Joanne Edwards for "significantly influencing the community as either an engineer, researcher, scientist, or technologist, and whose contributions continue to advance technical career opportunities for other women of color."

Tech Museum Award

Alexander MacDonald received the Tech Museum Award for one of five Tech Museum Award Laureates in the NASDAQ Stock Market Education category for his idea and creation of Science On a Sphere®.

2002 Awards

NOAA Research Employee of the Year

Jennifer Mahoney was named the NOAA Research Employee of the Year for the successful development and transfer of the first web-based Real-Time Verification System to improve aviation forecasts for the FAA, the NOAA/NWS Aviation Weather Center, and the private sector.

FAA Excellence in Aviation

The FAA Excellence in Aviation Award was given to Forecast Systems Laboratory for outstanding contributions to the Federal Aviation Administration Weather Research Program.

Air Force Weather Spengler Award

Brent Shaw won the Spengler Awar for being the Most Outstanding Air Force Weather Individual Mobilization Augmentee (IMA) during his most recent active duty tour with the Air Force Weather Agency at Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha, NE.

2001 Awards

Presidential Rank Award - Meritorious

Alexander E. “Sandy” MacDonald was given the Presidential Rank Award - Meritorious for sustained superior accomplishment of programs of the United States of America Government for noteworthy achievement of quality and efficiency in the public service.

2000 Awards

NOAA Research (OAR) Award

Jenny Martinez, FSL's Secretary to the Director, was awarded the NOAA OAR Employee of the Year for her outstanding communication skills, her contributions to organizational effectiveness, and her dedication and commitment in providing sustained superior support since the establishment of FSL to present.

Government Technology Leadership Award

Lynn Sherretz was recognized for his efforts supporting the FAA's Aviation Weather Research Program’s (AWRP) and for his leadership in the development and implementation of Aviation Digital Data Service (ADDS).

1999 Awards

Hammer Award

Margot Ackley, Russ Chadwick, Seth Gutman, Kirk Holub, and Nicole Radziwill, who represented the Maritime Differential GPS Service Team/Nationwide Differential GPS Team won the Hammer Award for making significant contributions in support of reinventing government principles. This team "expanded an existing navigational locating system by using a combination of new and old technologies and facilities. By combining navigational systems they were able to provide increased capability, lower costs, improve quality, and develop new tools that support commercial industries such as farming, transportation, weather predicting, and surveying."

Department of Commerce Gold Medal

The Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System (AWIPS) Project Management Group, Denny Walts, Carl Bullock, Darien Davis, Joe Wakefield, and Herb Grote, representing the entire FSL AWIPS Team was awarded the DoC Gold Medal for the design, development, and integration of the AWIPS infrastructure software.

Department of Commerce Bronze Medal

Rhonda Lange was awarded the DoC Bronze Medal as member of a team recognized for representing FSL on the David Skaggs Research Center Common Space Committee.

The NOAA/Boulder Networking Group also received the DoC Bronze Medal. Members Bob Clark and Brian Moore of FSL and Jerry Janssen, formerly of FSL, were all key in implementing the David Skaggs Research Center building network.

NOAA Awards

Jim Holitza and Sandi Aschert received a NOAA Certificate of Appreciation for their outstanding participation on the NOAA Transition Team and successful relocation of NOAA Boulder to the David Skaggs Research Center.

Computerworld Smithsonian Institution Award

AWIPS won the Computerworld Smithsonian Institution Award for best and most innovative technology in the "Environment, Energy, and Agriculture" category.

1998 - 1997

OAR Awards

The Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research in NOAA has announced the OAR Bronze Medal Awards. Among the recipients was a team from FSL responsible for development of the Rapid Update Cycle, Version 2 (RUC-2), an hourly analysis and prediction system, and its implementation into operations at NCEP. The RUC-2 is superior to the previous version in several aspects: frequency of assimilation (hourly instead of three-hourly), spatial resolution (40 km and 40 levels in the vertical instead of 60 km and 25 levels), sophistication of model physics, and overall performance.

The government employees receiving this award are Stan Benjamin, John Brown, Barry Schwartz, and Tom Schlatter from FSL and Lauren Morone and Geoff DiMego from NCEP. Equal contributions to the RUC-2 development and implementation were made by their colleagues, working through NOAA Cooperative Institutes: Kevin Brundage (CIRA), Tracy Lorraine Smith (CIRA), and Tanya Smirnova (CIRES). They deserve equal credit for this award. Congratulations to everyone.

Outstanding Scientific Paper Award

Dr. Gerald Browning has recently received the Environmental Research Laboratories' Outstanding Scientific Paper Award for the following work:

Browning, G.L. and H.O. Kreiss, "The Role of Gravity Waves in Slowly Varying in Time Mesoscale Motions," Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 54, 9 1166 - 1184 (1997).

Bronze Medal Winner

Congratulations to John Snook and FSL. John was one of about 12 people who received a Bronze Medal for the NWS support of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. John was the only FSL person to be included among the award winners. This award is a tribute to both John and all in FSL who contributed to this effort.