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2013 Awards

NOAA Awards

Research Employee of the Year

This Employee of the Year award recognizes NOAA Research employees who have made outstanding contributions to the promotion of excellence in the operations or programs of NOAA Research.

David K. Himes was posthumously awarded the NOAA Research Employee of the Year (Individual) for his work developing and sustaining Science on a Sphere®.

The "Benjamin Group" of ESRL/GSD, headed by Stan Benjamin, was honored as the NOAA Research Employee of the Year (Group). The team was "responsible for the development, integration, and transition of the next generation of NOAA's hourly North American prediction, a foundation for realizing NOAA's 'Weather Ready Nation' strategies as well as position NOAA for emerging service areas."

CIRES Outstanding Performance Award in Science and Engineering

Julien Lynge was recognized for his work with scientists to make data easy to find, access, visualize, and understand. He is also the lead developer on TerraViz, a highly creative and innovative graphical interface that may revolutionize the way scientists and others visualize massive physical data sets in real time. TerraViz is the visualization component of GSD’s NOAA Earth Information System (NEIS).

CIRA Research and Service Initiative Award

Sher Schranz received the CIRA award for her outstanding service in administrative oversight, project management, and outreach. From the notification letter by CIRA Director Christian Kummerow, "Your superb accomplishments across a myriad of high-visibility programs and projects (fire weather research, NextGen aviation weather, unmanned aircraft systems, NEIS, FX-Net) are highly valued. Your wealth of technical knowledge, coupled with excellent project management and leadership skills, are especially noteworthy."

Earth Systems Research Laboratory

70 Seconds of Science

Hilary Peddicord took 3rd place in the annual challenge to "Explain what you do for NOAA in 70 seconds or less."


Thomas Day, National Weather Service NEXTGEN IT Project Manager, commended GSD’s MADIS Team (Greg Pratt, Leon Benjamin, Tom Kent, Gopa Padmanabhan, and Leigh Cheatwood-Harris) in a formal letter to then Acting GSD Director, Dr. Scott Hausman for their work on connecting MADIS to the NextGen Web Service Environment.