ESRL Global Systems Division

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2011 Awards

NOAA Awards

Administrator's and Technology Transfer Award

Seth Gutman received the award for "long-term leadership in establishing a national ground-based GPS observing network for measuring and monitoring atmospheric water vapor."

NOAA Research (OAR)

Dr. Hongli Jiang received the August 2011 Employee of the Month Award for “her current research on the development of methods for fine scale and frequent updated numerical analysis.”

CIRES Awards

CIRES Fellows

CIRES recently welcomed three new members to its Council of Fellows, one of which is Stan Benjamin. The Council constitutes the "Board of Directors" and chief governing body of CIRES. It is comprised of individuals with an outstanding record of achievement and expertise in diverse areas of environmental sciences.

CIRES Performance Award

Dr. Craig Tierney was given the CIRES Performance Award in the area of Service for "promoting and inspiring excellence and dedication to the science and research performed at CIRES as a cornerstone of the NOAA High Performance Computing (HPC) team in Boulder, and took on the demanding role of acting High Performance Computing (HPC) Lead, responsible for managing all aspects of NOAA Boulder's HPC resources and representing NOAA Boulder's HPC interests in the midst of a NOAA-wide HPC realignment."

Federally Employed Women

Penny Granville, recently name the Vice President of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of Federally Employed Women (FEW), was instrumental in highlighting how federal government employees affect everyone's everyday life. GSD was mentioned in particular and excerpts of the paper were included in an article of the Washington Post (December 2, 2011) titled, "Employee group shows impact of proposed cuts on government services."

OAR EEO Newsletter

Vivian LeFebvre is recognized in the "Many Backgrounds, Many Stories: One American Spirit" article, while Jeff Van Buskirk is recognized in the "EEO/Diversity Across OAR" article.


The Space Shuttle Program and the National Weather Service/Spaceflight Meteorology Group (SMG) recognized GSD for our assistance in customizing AWIPS for unique data sets and displays needed for every space shuttle launch and landing.