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2010 Awards

NOAA Awards

Bronze Medal

Steve Weygandt, Stan Benjamin and John Brown were the recipients of the NOAA Bronze Medal for dedeveloping the first NCEP operational radar reflectivity assimilation technique and improving convective storm forecasting.

Seth Gutman also received the NOAA Bronze Medal for his innovative contributions to the development of the Coastal Atmospheric River Monitoring and Early Warning System.

CIRA Awards

Research Initiative Award

Isidora Jandov and Steve Albers have been selected as two of the winners of the 2010 CIRA Research and Service Initiative Award. The award is in recognition for their contributions to numerical weather prediction (NWP) forecasting – and more specifically, research that focuses on the initialization of fine-scale numerical models in GSD's Local Analysis and Prediction System (LAPS) and research efforts aimed at improved physical parameterization schemes and ensemble forecast techniques in NWP.

CIRES Awards

Bronze Medal

Curtis Alexander, Ming Hu, and Tanya Smirnova, received the awards for their contributions to the operational assimilation of radar reflectivity that won 2010 NOAA Bronze Medal awards for Stan Benjamin, Steve Weygandt, and John Brown. GSD CIRA colleagues Kevin Brundage and Bob Lipschutz were also a part of this Cooperative Institute effort.

CIRES Service Award

Steve Peckham received the CIRES Service Award for helping to develop and provide support to the complex modeling system, WRF-Chem.  This system, the topic of many national and international publications, allows research of extreme relevance to current environmental challenges, especially relating to air quality and global climate change.