ESRL Global Systems Division

2008 CIRA Research Initiative Award Winners

Paul Hamer

Paul, an employee of CIRA in Boulder, has been instrumental in developing and supporting the Object Data System (ODS) software architecture that underlies the success of the Central Facility data system of the NOAA ESRL Global Systems Division (GSD). As a result of Paul's work, the ODS methods routinely and reliably accommodate ingest data formats such as GOES GVAR, WSR-88D Level-II, GRIB Edition-1 and -2, BUFR and ASCII. Paul's leadership in developing ODS has provided GSD with an asset that is the foundation upon which many of GSD's successful projects rely.

Jeff Smith

Jeff, an employee of CIRA in Boulder, has significantly impacted the Global Systems Division in respect to web applications, web services,and java programming. He led the design and development of Weather Research and Forecast Domain Wizard, (a graphical tool used to define the spatial domanin needed to run the new WRF Pre-processor System), he helped to design and develop the WRF Portal (a java application which allows users to develop, configure, run, and monitor the execution of complex WRF model workflows), he developed a java training course for the ESRL staff, and he won a web award for his work on Data Locator (a web services based data access and display cabability, which was an inegral part of exploratory work on the Open Geospatial Consortium Web Coverage Service).