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Systems Support Group (SSG)


Community Information:
Video Teleconferencing Assistance for GSD Users: Please go to the ITS Intranet

ESRL Global Systems Division

The Systems Support Group provides support
24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Phone: (303) 497-6887

Cell: (303) 652-7057

The Systems Support Group (SSG) monitors real-time data ingest systems and other systems, subsystems and processes using site-specific monitoring tools such as the Web based Facility Information and Control System (FICS). The SSG Operators communicate the status of real-time data outages to users and maintain logs of such outages and other GSD Central Facility issues for internal communication and tracking purposes. They take corrective action in response to failed real-time systems based on SSG Documentation created for each system or subsystem. SSG maintains this documentation and other pertinent informational and training materials.

SSG provides on site support for the GSD Central Facility infrastructure. This includes: rebooting or failing over computer systems; resolving problems directly when possible, and if not, reporting problems to system administrators, network administrators, system developers, facility managers, or appropriate vendor support personnel; monitoring and handling problems associated with critical Central Facility environmental systems such as HVAC, Smoke detection/Fire Suppression and UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) systems.

SSG fulfills real-time and retrospective data requests for GSD and non-GSD users. They provide general user support through file backups, restores, and modifying user account information when needed and answering questions from the user community concerning general operating system issues, the user environment, or any other problems the user may be having.
SSG provides support for scheduled (daily and quarterly) and unscheduled GSD system backups by maintaining (inventory and media rotation) on-site and off-site tape libraries for those backups. They monitor all hardware involved in the backup systems and take corrective actions if problems arise in any part of the backup system(s). They track the volume of daily backups and corresponding tape usage to monitor for problems and help control costs. They coordinate and communicate with Systems Administrators to resolve problematic individual machine backups.

SSG supports GSD and non-GSD users by assisting in the operational set up, connection, and troubleshooting of video teleconferences. In most cases, all user based requests for SSG Assistance are requested, tracked, and logged via the GSD Trouble Ticket System.