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Subscription Service Enhancements

The MADIS system currently supports three subscription service protocols:

  • User automation of the MADIS surface viewer web form which has the following granularity on data requests.
    • MADIS allows access to all data since July 2001.
    • Data selectable as State, Latitude/Longitude bounding box, single station, and all stations.
    • Data selectable for all providers, groups of providers, or mesonets.
    • Data selectable to the observation type.
    • Data selectable based on quality control status.
    • Can select output file type (text, xml, csv).
  • FTP (requires MADIS Application Interface (API))
    • User selects download frequency.
    • MADIS API allows user to query the file for desired information.
  • LDM (requires MADIS API)
    • Automatic updates to user request as new data arrives in MADIS.
    • MADIS API allows user to query the file for desired information.
    • LDM is not supported on Window systems.
Clarus users can employ any or all of the protocols to make a MADIS subscription and can start the process any time they choose. A major difference between the Clarus subscription service and MADIS' is that Clarus stores the files requested for the subscription locally, which allows the RWIS user to retrieve the files over a seven day time period. All subscriptions to MADIS require the client to store the data files locally, which means the RWIS user recieves that data as it comes into MADIS. The objective for this task is for the RWIS user community to make the transition from the Clarus web form subscription to the MADIS web form subscrition as easy as possible.

RWIS Contributor Role

  • Be able to store files retrived from the subscription locally as request are made.
  • Work with the MADIS team to setup and verify subscription service.

Clarus Team Role

  • Provide MADIS team with examples of all RWIS user subscription service requests.
  • Test and verify scripts to MADIS subscription service supplied by the MADIS team based on RWIS user needs.

MADIS Team Tasking and Status

MADIS Subscription Service Enhancements

Actions/EnhancementsStatus Completion DateRequired Date
Ability to request data based on QC time change.Started12/31/2013
MADIS team to provide updated URL's to Clarus team for examples provided by above.Started 12/31/2013
Work with RWIS users to setup a subscription service to MADIS.Started12/31/2014