Last update - 26 Sep 06

Current status

OB4 delivered 15 July 05; see 2005 calendar.
Technical Interchange Meeting held in Boulder 13 Jun 06.

Recent work

FY04/05 maintenance tasks

MOU Mod 3 included support for the items noted below.

Task Est. effort
Work Element A (ISB)
Merge with AWIPS OB4 22.5 completed 12/04 and running on GSD test system; delivered to L-M 7/05
Stage ORPG Build 6 (Linux) 4.5 running on ax-avs; delivered to L-M 7/05
Stage and test on RedHat Enterprise AS2.1 12.5 running at GSD since 1/05
Field mill tabular text 17.25 running at GSD; delivered to L-M 7/05
Briefing Tool enhancements 21 running at GSD
Work Element B (FAB)
LAPS enhancements - new datasets 24 v2.2 delivered 7/04; v3.0 expected 7/05
MM5 enhancements 12
LAPS/MM5 maintenance, troubleshooting, technical support 10 ongoing
LAPS/MM5 year-end report 2  

The global line width and texture and background color features developed for RSA were merged into the AWIPS baseline in OB5.

FY05/06 work, under Mod 4 of the GSD-LM MOU

Task Person-weeks Target date Status
Work Element A (ISB)
Merge with AWIPS OB5 - create RSA release 5.75 Oct 05 skipped - moved directly to OB6
Merge RSA features into AWIPS OB7 12.5 July 05 merge complete
Merge with AWIPS OB6 - create RSA release 5.75 Feb 06 completed 7/05, but never staged
Build and test ORPG7 for RSA use 3.75 Oct 05 skipped - moved directly to ORPG8
Build and test ORPG8 for RSA use 3.75 Feb 06 ORPG8 running at GSD, but not yet used for RSA
D2D maintenance, problem reports, and support 16.5 ongoing  
Work Element B (FAB)
Model upgrade and support 43 ongoing  
Implement 30-min LAPS cycle Oct 05  
Install verification system 6 Oct 05  
Preliminary WRF testing 9 Feb 06  

Upcoming tasks

Continuing maintenance FY07.

Previous work

Build 5.2.2 (November 2002)

Task Status
ER localization 5.2.2a
Enhancement -- export to D2D to briefing tool 5.2.2a
Enhancement -- multi-color range ring background 5.2.2a
Range Ring upgrades 5.2.2a
Enhancement -- RedHat 7.2 5.2.2a
Enhancement -- AWIPS 5.2.2 5.2.2a
Level II radar ingest  
Level III radar ingest 5.2.2g
Informix and text workstation 5.2.2a
Enhancement -- split LDAD data sets into different directories 5.2.2a
Enhancement -- Tabular text thresholding 5.2.2a
Tall Tower ingest and display 5.2.2a
Enhancement -- RedHat 7.3 5.2.2a
Enhancement -- new templates for ER briefings 5.2.2a
Documentation for 5.2.2a delivery /5/03

Build OB1 (Dec, 2003)

Task Status
LDAR prototype delivered w/OB1, December
LPLWS (field mill) delivered
contouring wind divergence delivered
LLP (CGLSS) delivered
User Towers Complete 5.2.2a (LC 39A/B, LC40)
Prototype for Remote system Not started
Text RAOB Removed as req't per Dave Sautter
Add additional tower data sets Not started

Build OB2 (January 2004)

Task Status
complete LDAR 29 Apr 03 TIM
Final Remote system  
Neuman-Pfeffer Index replacement  
Radio Theodolite  
TAF ingest and decode Removed as req't per David Sautter
74C Prototype in Briefing Tool
AMU installation  

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LDAD Interface Document v15f, 13 Jun 05

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Phone numbers:
David Sautter LM Project Manager 805-614-3689
Lowell Schaffert System Engineer 805-348-2227
David Flynt System Install 805-348-2360
Dana Andersen Network 805-614-3520
SITSF   805-614-3555
Charlotte Johnson SLRSC 805-606-6713
VBG ROC   805-606-3358
Jackie Petit ER support 321-853-8342
Tim Wilfong ENSCO 303-443-0811 wk/home
805-878-5131 cell
Room 140 at ER ROC 321-853-7999