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ESRL Global Systems Division

3rd LAPS User Workshop

*** Postponed ***

David Skaggs Research Center
Boulder, Colorado

All-sky animation

Animated sky image
Simulated (top, 500m LAPS analysis) and observed (bottom, all-sky camera) loops of clouds as seen from the top of the David Skaggs Research Center building. For more information, visit the LAPS All-Sky page.

2014 Workshop Objectives

Review progress, share experiences, and provide a forum for discussions on the following topics:

  • Recent LAPS algorithm improvements
    • Review of / response to recommendations from the 2nd LAPS User Workshop
    • Variational LAPS and other upgrades from GSD
    • Community contributions to LAPS
    • Assimilation of new types of observations (GPS-Met, GPM, lightning, cloud optical depth / radiation, GOES sounder data, etc)
  • Use of LAPS / Applications
    • User experiences - successes, problems, suggestions
    • Role of LAPS in operations and research
    • Training
    • Emerging new applications
  • LAPS in operations
    • Status of AWIPS-ll transition
    • New user requirements
    • Review of LAPS Analysis and Nowcasting (LAN) project - status and plans
    • Change Control procedure for LAPS - general release vs NOAA operations (objective / subjective evaluation; decision process)
  • Community data assimilation development
    • Virtual Laboratory (VLab) - a new tool to facilitate distributed development of LAPS
    • A new revision control tool for LAPS - GIT
    • LAPS and the broader DA community - a proposed Community Data Assimilation Repository (CDAR)
    • The potential value of using Object Oriented Software Design (OOSD) principles
    • Doxygen - a documentation tool
  • Way forward
    • New scientific directions - Variational cloud analysis
    • Review of cloud permitting data assimilation development in the community
    • New Data sources such as SYNOPS
    • Increased use of global satellite data
    • Community development of LAPS - coordination of tasks among partners

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