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The NOAA Next Generation Strategic Plan was posted in December 2010 at and linked below. This update

  • retains NOAA’s Vision, Mission, and Goals,
  • better describes NOAA’s functions and structure,
  • updates Mission Goal & Sub-goal Objectives and Sub-goal Outcomes,
  • describes Programs that constitute Mission Goals and Sub-goals,
  • better characterizes the environment in which NOAA works, and
  • describes key successes on the road to strategic outcomes.

NOAA Strategic Plan - December 2010

Annual Guidance Memorandum (AGM)

NOAA Office of Program Planning and Integration

Strategic Plan: NOAA Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research — FY 2005 - 2010

Research in NOAA: Toward Understanding and Predicting Earth's Environment — A Five-Year Plan: Fiscal Years 2005-2009

One-page summary of 5-Year Research Plan

Understanding Global Ecosystems to Support Informed Decision-Making — A 20-Year Research Vision

One-page summary of 20-Year Research Vision