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Light Weight Applications for Interagency Collaborative Decision Support. ZFW ARTCC traffic mangers and Center Weather Service Unit forecasters develop aircraft flow strategy to deal with summer convective storms.

About the Project:

The Purpose of the TMU project is to address the requirements that were found in the in depth study performed by FAA Air Traffic System Requirements (ARS-100) on "Decision-Based Weather Needs for the Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC) Traffic Management Unit". In response to these needs, FSL is working closely with the Dallas/Fort Worth (ZFW) Traffic Management Unit (TMU) and the Center Weather Service Unit (CWSU) on:

  • Integrating all or a limited suite of operational products of convection, icing, turbulence, and ceiling/visibility with emerging research products into a single graphic of convection, icing, turbulence, and ceiling/visibility for presentation to TMU decision-makers in easily understood formats that provide a more accurate and consistent forecast of impacts to the enroute, TRACON, and terminal air space.
  • Developing network enabled agile decision support tools for the NextGeneration Air Transportation System (NEXTGen) that allow for interagency collaboration (shared situational awareness).
  • Allowing for the integration of all relevant data sets, available on distributed servers over the internet from collaborating agencies, to improve the traffic management decision support process.
  • Providing a common weather picture for the enroute, TRACON, and terminal areas.
The TMU demonstration and evaluation helps expedite fielding of the advanced research products and the amalgam graphics for convection, icing, turbulence, and ceiling/visibility by:
  • Getting feed back from end-users (NWS/FAA) early in the development process.
  • Allowing operational users to play a role in the requirements, development, and evaluation process.
To meet the goals of the project the following systems/applications were used:

TMU prototype systems


Forecasters at the Fort Worth CWSU work with ZFW traffic managers and developers at GSD to help refine decision support tools, weather integration and displays, and graphical presentations of decision support graphics for the traffic manager use.

Traffic Managers at the ZFW ARTCC work with CWSU forecasters at refining and evaluating the decision support tools, weather displays, and graphical presentations to help tailor them for their use.

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