ESRL Global Systems Division

Data Link Dissemination (DLD)

About the Project:

FISDL/FAA Image The Flight Information Services Data link (FISDL) is a partner ship between the government and private industry to get affordable, near real-time weather data to the cockpit of general aviators. In an agreement signed by private vendors and the FAA it was agreed that basic weather products would be broadcast for free. The FAA and industry have defined the following seven weather products as basic METAR, TAF, SIGMET, Convective SIGMET, AIRMET, PIREP, and Alert Weather Watches. In an effort to make these products usable in the cockpit the FAA has sponsored FSL and NCAR to work jointly on creating decoders for the above weather products. This effort is called the Data Link Dissemination (DLD) project.

April 2003 Release

The pseudo code, decoder, data dictionary, data flows, and test suite were delivered to the FISDL vendors in early April 2003. FSL and NCAR helped the FISDL vendors get a METAR decoder running in their environment and verified. Development work will continue pending funding.

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