ESRL Global Systems Division

Probabilistic Forecasting Software Application

GFE Probabilistic Phrasing in Text Products

ZFP-style phrasing

To get an idea of some possible probabilistic phrasing, run the experimental ZFP-style Probabilistic Phrases that are generated directly from the ensemble members (weighted or unweighted).
  • Must be a WFO site to run the ZFP-like phrases
  • Log in as GFETEST with TestConfig as the config file
  • Bring up the Formatter Launcher: Products --> Formatter Launcher
  • In the Formatter Launcher, choose Products --> ProbabilityPhrases
  • Click the "Run Formatter" button and choose options on the dialog
    • Weather elements
    • Time periods
    • Weighted or non-weighted ensembles
    • "Test Mode" to use just a few ensembles to speed performance
  • Phrases describing temperature, wind, and precipitation will appear
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