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Probabilistic Forecasting Software Application

Text Products for Probabilistic Forecasting

Ensemble Table

Tabular product showing the ensemble distributions for selected areas
  • Log in as GFETEST with TestConfig as the config file
  • Select a time range by clicking on one of the ensemble grids in the Grid Manager
  • Draw an edit area in the Spatial Editor: Click the "Draw Edit Area Tool" and draw area
  • Bring up the Formatter Launcher: Products --> Formatter Launcher
  • In the Formatter Launcher, choose Products --> EnsembleTable
  • Click the "Run Formatter" button
  • When the dialog comes up,
    • you can choose to produce a table for t, tp, and/or wind by checking the buttons,
    • select "Draw" to use the edit area you have drawn,
    • you can select "Test Mode" to use just a few ensembles to speed performance
  • The tables will be generated for your edit area
  • If you are running the GFE as a WFO rather than on the US domain, you have the option of choosing areas in the Zone Combiner. There will be a row for each area selected (regardless of combinations) in the resulting table.


Tabular product showing the weighted ensemble distributions for selected areas
  • Same as EnsembleTable except choose EnsembleTableWeighted in the Formatter Launcher instead of EnsembleTable
Note: Click on the image for full resolution.