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While the current page is under development, please refer to the original GSD-related AWIPS II information page for the most recent updates.

The NWS vision for how AWIPS II development is envisioned to proceed in cooperation with Raytheon. Jason Tuell of NWS/OST presented it to an NWS committee on uncertainty forecasting, and many other elements of NWS.

Software parts required for AWIPS II are outlined in this list of tasks or system components.

Here is a powerpoint from Raytheon that describes aspects of their planned infrastructure for AWIPS II.

Here is a FAQ document for the Application Developers Environment (ADE), which is a java-based development package that Raytheon expects government software contributors to use as a way to enhance the integration process into AWIPS II.

The AWIPS II System Requirements necessary to provide forecasters with the tools to generate and disseminate probabilistic forecasting products can be found here. The most recent modifications to this document are highlighted in blue. For more information about the Probabilistic Forecasting Project at GSD, click here.

Another AWIPS Requirements document, that was produced in 2000 and considered to be met by NAWIPS, can be found here.