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AWIPS-II is a multi-phase project to develop a robust and extensible system to support the entire NWS enterprise mission needs. The first phase of this project is migration of the existing AWIPS functionality for the Weather Forecast Offices (WFOs) and River Forecast Centers (RFCs) to the AWIPS-II architecture. AWIPS-II employs a modern Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and is written primarily in the Java programming language. The migration is being conducted by Raytheon Technical Services Company (RTS) under the direction of the NWS Office of Science and Technology (OST) Systems Engineering Center (SEC) and is expected to be complete in 2009.

Task Order 11 (TO11)

Provides the latest information on the progress of TO11.

Task Order 10 (TO10)

Provides the latest information on the progress of TO10.

Task Order 9 (TO9)

Provides the lastest information on the progress of TO9.

Task Orders 8-4 (TO8-TO4)

Provides detailed information about TO8 and TO6-TO4.

Independent Validation and Verification (IVandV)

Provides detailed information about GSD's contributions to the NWS IVandV process. For more information about IVandV, click here.

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This pull down menu provides General Information, How-To Documents, and Training Materials necessary for a successful comprehension of AWIPS II. The General Information page hosts supporting documentation on the infrastructure, requirements, and planning. The How-To Documents page provides documentation on how to complete a localization and how to extend the functionality of AWIPS II via plugins. The Training Materials page provides links to training resources.