[an error occurred while processing this directive] Jim Butler

Director, ESRL Global Monitoring Division

Mailing Address:
NOAA ESRL Global Monitoring Division
325 Broadway R/GMD1
Boulder CO 80305-3328

Phone: (303) 497-6898
Email: James.H.Butler@noaa.gov

Jim Butler is Director of Global Monitoring at NOAA’s Earth System Research Laboratory (NOAA/ESRL) in Boulder, Colorado, where he has conducted research on climate forcing and ozone depletion for over 20 years. In his current capacity, Dr. Butler oversees the nation’s continuing measurements of atmospheric constituents that affect the world’s climate, including greenhouse and ozone-depleting gases, aerosols, and surface radiation. Dr. Butler’s published works address the distribution and cycling of gases in the atmosphere, their production and consumption by the ocean, their exchange across the air-sea interface, their distribution in polar snow, and methods for their analysis. He is a regular contributor to international documents on stratospheric ozone depletion, atmospheric chemistry, and global warming.