NOAA Boulder.
The six baseline observatories of GMD.
First row: Barrow, Alaska and Summit, Greenland; Second row: Trinidad Head, California and Mauna Loa Hawaii; Third row: American Samoa and South Pole

ESRL Global Monitoring Division Review
Boulder, Colorado — April 3-5, 2013

Poster Session #1 AGENDA
Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013
• 13:00 – 14:45 Poster Session 1: Atrium

Climate Forcing

1. Long-Term Measurements of Direct Aerosol Climate Forcing (Betsy Andrews)

2. A Characterization of Arctic Aerosols and their Forcing of the Surface Radiation Budget (Robert Stone)

3. Trace Gas Standards in Natural Air (Duane Kitzis)

4. Short-lived Trace Gases: Opportunities for Mitigating Climate Change and Ozone Depletion (Steve Montzka)

5. CarbonTracker (Mike Trudeau)

6. GHG Measurement Network (Molly Crotwell)

7. Lagrangian Modeling to Quantify Sources/Sinks in North America (Arlyn Andrews)

8. Arctic Gas Measurements: Alaska Coast Guard Arctic Flights and CARVE (Colm Sweeney)

9. Systematic Tests of Sampling Methods (Don Neff)

Poster Session #2 AGENDA
Thursday, April 4th, 2013
• 12:45 – 13:45 Poster Session 2: Atrium

Ozone Depletion

1. Global Monitoring Division Stratospheric Ozone Measurements (Bryan Johnson)

2. Dobson World Standard and Calibration of the WMO Ozone Network (Bob Evans)

3. 14C-based Emission Estimates for Halocarbons and other Greenhouse Gases across the U.S.(Steve Montzka)

4. Satellite Validation of Ozone-depleting Substances from Global Hawk Missions (David Nance)

5. Three Decades of Continuous Monitoring of Long-lived Halocarbons(Geoff Dutton)

Air Quality and Regional Studies

1. Lidar Measurements of Stratospheric Aerosol (Ryan Neeley)

2. Aerosol and Albedo Ground Truth and Analysis for DISCOVER-AQ (Phase II -Central Valley California) (Kathy Lantz)

3. Wintertime 2013 Ozone Production in the Uintah Basin (Chelsea Stephens)

4. Regional Volatile Organic Carbon Signatures (Ben Miller)