• All computers at the Mauna Loa Observatory must have a type of antivirus software installed on the system.
  • MLO will only provide support for the following operating systems for new systems:
    Windows XP
    Windows 2003
    Windows Vista
    Mac OS X

  • Modems are not allowed to be connected to a PC, which is also connected to MLO's network.
  • To obtain Ip addresses please contact Darryl Kuniyuki. You will be assigned a public Ip address unless you request to be inside our firewall. If you want to be behind this firewall please contact Darryl for special configuration information.
  • MLO will not be responsible for backing up your system; you are responsible for maintaining your system.
  • It is highly recommended that your system be on a UPS, which you must provide. MLO will not be responsible for damages caused by power surges or lightning strikes.
  • Do not use any computers other than your own and the designated guest computers provided. Do not install any programs on MLO computers without permission from MLO system staff.
  • If you borrow anything, please remember to return it.

MLO System Staff:

Darryl Kuniyuki 808-933-6965 (x237)
Paul Fukumura-Sawada 808-933-6965 (x223)
Preston Sato 808-933-6965 (x236)