CO2 Trends

Basics of the Carbon Cycle

An introduction to the Earth's atmosphere and the greenhouse effect, and the role of the carbon cycle in determining the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Part of the Carbon Cycle Toolkit.

Isotopes of Carbon Dioxide

A website describing the study of isotopes of carbon dioxide and the process of measuring isotopic ratios. Users learn about both stable and radiocarbon isotopes of carbon dioxide in atmospheric science.
Measuring Greenhouse Gases

Measuring Greenhouse Gases

Take a tour of the Carbon Cycle Greenhouse Gases group of GMD, and learn the why, where and how behind the measurements of greenhouse gases.
What's in the Air

What's in the Air Video

The What’s in the Air video is a 13 minute look at the atmospheric monitoring efforts being put forth by NOAA’s Carbon Cycle Greenhouse Gases group, and their partners across the globe.

Lesson Plans

Activities designed to facilitate as well as enhance teacher instruction on a variety of topics under the larger heading of "Greenhouse Gases and Earth's Changing Climate."

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about climate change, greenhouse gases, ozone depletion and air quality.