What's New in CarbonTracker CT2013?
  • Observations and flux estimates through 2012
  • Revised flux estimates for 2000-2010
  • Multiple transport and multiple priors: CarbonTracker now consists of 16 independent simulations, each using a unique combination of flux priors and atmospheric transport. This represents a factorial design experiment to explore the sensitivity of CarbonTracker results to the influence of the first-guess flux and to assumed transport.
  • Mole fraction data are now provided in netCDF-4 format, using internal compression. This change may require an update to your analysis software.
  • CarbonTracker now uses ESRL's new ObsPack data delivery system. CarbonTracker measurement data can be downloaded from the ObsPack web site.
  • ESRL has switched to a new FTP server, and downloads for CarbonTracker are now available at the new URL ftp://aftp.cmdl.noaa.gov/products/carbontracker/co2.
  • Revised Executive Summary.

For a complete description about this release and previous releases, please see Version History.

How do flux estimates from CarbonTracker CT2013 compare with previous releases?